Ginger Jesus

New evidence her been released that suggests Jesus may have been ginger. I wouldn't normally make jokes about such a topic as it is the kind of subject where people get very offended. And sometimes people get offended about religion too.

The Churches Conservation Trust released an image of Jesus as a redhead. It's either proof that he was ginger or he just went through that odd phase where you try a new look. He could've gone Goth. No, a chav look. And then it would've made sense that he never saw his real dad.

It's a stained glass window, the east window of Holy Trinity Church in Sunderland, that shows the evidence of the J-Dawg's redhead. Some might say it means the colours in that window have faded and that there's no way he could have had that hair colour. Well, if anyone could manage a miracle it'd be him.

And sometimes it just happens. Sometimes, even though there has been no history of ginger hair in either families, a couple will have a ginger child. It must be true because I heard that from the British Royal family.

The reason this gets in the news is that February 22nd is National Ginger Awareness Day. Does it need an awareness day? Is anyone not aware of it? Of all the hair colours it's the one that brings the most attention to itself already. I'm all for anything that raises awareness of a form of discrimination that people may suffer, and sadly it's true that some may get picked on for having red hair. It's as bizarre as someone getting flack for having green eyes. But do we need a special day for them? We bald people don't have a special day and yet we get abuse in a similar way. I was about to write a letter to the organisers to point out that having a Ginger Day without having a Bald Day is unfair, it's not like ginger people are persecuted more, but then I realised I'd lose that argument. Of course ginger people are persecuted. One of them was crucified by the Romans.

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