Rio Olympic Update

Things are hotting up for the Rio Olympics. All the preparation work is well underway. Politicians are being paid off, mosquitoes are being asked to stay away from the lovely spending tourists, and now this...

Two German TV teams had their equipment stolen in Rio de Janeiro’s city centre.

Can I just say, it's a brave thief that tries to nick something in a city that is going to be filled with people who can run very fast.

Judo is an Olympic sport. Rio based pick-pockets are risking getting flung into their nearest pond whenever they go to work. And you do not want to be in a pond in Rio. That's where the mosquitoes hang out.

And even if they can't out run you or out Judo you, if you pick-pocket a javelin thrower, you'd better make sure you nick their javelin too, or you'll be wearing it through your torso.

A truck carrying two containers was heading to the Olympic Park when armed men intercepted it and held the driver hostage.

If anyone tries to sell you a truck load of TV equipment it might be a bit dodgy.

If they get caught, in related news...

“Brazilian company contractor that used to supply to ankle bracelets for those under house arrest has suspended its services due to non-payment.”

Brilliant. Of course you wouldn't pay. What's the worst that's going to happen? They take you to court, put you under house arrest? They've just stopped supplying the ankle bracelets!


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