Recent Podcast Update - Plank, Pull Back & Dicks

Finding ways to pass the time in lockdown can be a challenge. There's only so much cleaning a person can do and I found that personally that amount is very little.

Some people sit and watch Netflix. The problem with that is after a few episodes it asks, "Are you still watching?" The judgemental tone can upset your day.

So I have been passing the time by being on a selection of podcasts. You can listen to them here.

­čá× Plank of the Week

I was a guest on Mike Graham's Plank of the Week podcast. Along with fellow guest Emily Carver we look at some of the biggest fools in the last 7 days from an annoying journalist to a sex-partying footballer via every idiot who went sunbathing.

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­čá× Pull Back Reveal

In this podcast there are interviews with comedians, normally about the comedy industry and how you got in it. Seeing as things are all tainted by the virus this episode talks about how coronavirus will impact those of us who used to make a living telling jokes to people.

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­čá× Desert Island Dicks

I was a guest on Desert Island Dicks. It was recorded just before the lockdown, so I actually went into a studio to record this. But back then we had just started to get used to a world without handshakes. In this podcast I think of the people and things I really wouldn't want to be trapped on a dessert island with. Not that we can fly anywhere these days.

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­čá× What Have We Learnt?

Back from before the plague, I was in this episode of What Have We Learnt? It's a podcast that interviews people about the lessons they have picked up from getting to where they are in their career. In it I talk about performing at the Edinburgh Festival, working on satire and performing on radio too.

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­čá× My SomeNews Podcast

And, of course, there's my SomeNews podcast that has been brought back to help us all deal with the extra time stuck at home. If you'd like some entertainment get your ears over here.

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You can find more podcasts in the podcast section of this site and on the Twitter hashtag #SNApods.



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