Week of Radio - from Bezos to Olympics

Steve N Allen is back on the radio weekdays from 3pm.

Another week of radio has yielded some interesting moments on Time 107.5. In case you missed any of it – and I am sure you did. I presented the thing and even I feel like I missed a few bits – here are have a collection of podcasts from the last week.

The Weather Phone-In
How do you do a radio show on a hot day when all of the good phone-in questions have been done?

Bezos In Space!
Space day when another billionaire went for a fly, some Mark Wahlberg news and more.

Cathphrases and Tokyo Olympics
In this podcast you'll find some stuff on the Olympics, some on catchphrases and probably other bits.

Rude Gardening and Panic Buying
In this one we show solidarity with those gardeners who got in trouble on Facebook for saying the word hoe and we look at the best things to panic buy if you're a panic buying idiot.

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