Why British Thank-Yous Aren’t Real

A new bit of research has found that one in four thank-yous are not genuine.

While this is the kind of survey that is basically meaningless and is only commissioned as a way of getting a company’s name into the papers (Virgin Media in this case) it seems about right.

There are many times we say thank you when we really don’t mean it. Let’s put them in a list.

1 – When you have just held a door open for someone and they didn’t say anything. You may then find yourself acting out a small vignette of, “Thank you.” “No trouble at all, you’re so very welcome.”

2 – When you have just received poor service but the British gene kicks in and you thank someone anyway. If a hairdresser has just made you look like you just lost a fight with Edward Scissorhands, you think, “Oh my god!” and yet you say, “Thank you. That looks great.”

3 – When you are not sure if you have just been complimented or insulted. If someone says, “Oh, I like that top. So much better.” Your month will busy itself with a thank you while you’re working out that they’re saying you normally look like shite.

4 – Considering the time this survey was conducted over there would also be thank-yous said by people who went out for a run while the clap for carers moment was happening and they thought it was for them.

The survey found that Brits typically say thanks 207 times a month and that 54 aren’t sincere. Of course some have to be fake ones. Have you seen life in the UK lately? If you had 207 reasons to be thankful this year we’d all think you were a psychopath.

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