Labour (Finally) Leads in Polls

Congratulations to the Labour party. One newspaper reported that Labour has raced into a nine-point lead in the polls. I’m not sure that’s because of anything that Labour has done. This is like winning the Tour de France because everyone who’s good at cycling just had a massive pile up.

This is Labour’s biggest lead since 2014. And all it took was a corruption scandal over paid lobbying, lies over expensive wallpaper, multiple breaches of COVID rules, hundreds of thousands dead in a pandemic and questions over how millions of pounds of contracts were handed out to friends, and also a meltdown about Peppa Pig World, and finally the Labour Party are back on top.

The latest Opinium poll says 57% of voters think Johnson should now resign. There’s no way that’s going to happen. There have been times when he should have sacked a minister but he waited for them to resign. He’s not going to sack himself.

What’s nice about this is that it might stop the distraction we see in debate. Normally a poll comes out giving Labour a slim lead due to some wrong doing from our Government and the first question pundits ask is, “Why aren’t Labour further ahead?” I don’t know, maybe it’s because we’re all avoiding talking about the Government’s failings as soon as we have a chance.

The 43% who don’t want Boris Johnson to resign are probably Labour Party members. If he carries on at this rate they might stand a chance of winning something.



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