Podcast - What’s In A Storm Name

The list of names that will be used for this year’s storms has been published. The practice of naming storms has been copied from America but is it something we should be doing?

Giving a storm a nice friendly name, like we do to our pets, might make us less afraid of the destructive force of these natural events.

It’s also really unlucky for anyone who shares their name with a storm. If your namesake storm is a bad one it will change the way people respond to you. You introduce yourself at a party with a simple, “Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Steve.”

The person you’re talking to could then run off and someone will say, “Don’t mind her. She lost her family in Steve three years ago.”

If you live in America and you are called Katrina there must have been a stage when you opted to go by cat.

This topic and much more (including the breakdown of the HMS Prince of Wales and the Queen changing the venue for swearing in the new UK PM) is covered in this episode of the Mr Steve N Allen On The Radio podcast.

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