Separation of Church and the State of It

Newspapers have reported that Clapham chemical attacker Abdul Ezedi was given a Muslim funeral and burial despite claiming to have converted to Christianity.

It’s almost as if what we’re seeing could suggest his conversion to Christianity was… not fully successful?

There are other signs he wasn’t a good Christian. Throwing alkaline chemicals at an ex and children but this is another sign.

This is an important issue. His conversion to Christianity was why he was still in the country even though he was a proven sex offender. It’s not the first time the church has been linked to harbouring sex offenders so we should have guessed.

The 35-year-old Afghan national had twice been refused asylum by the Home Office, and was considered so dangerous by the Baptist Church that it drew up a 'safeguarding contract' for the safety of parishioners over his sex assault and exposure convictions. Still, someone from the church gave him a character reference.

It shouldn’t matter if he fake converted or even really converted. If you have broken enough laws that you should be deported, religion shouldn’t come into it.

Of course someone who works for the church will vouch for you, they’re all about forgiveness, but our courts should be about facts.

MPs have said the Rwanda bill would have stopped this happening. No. The deal includes Rwanda’s right to send my any asylum seeker with a criminal record back to the UK. So he’s be exactly the kind of person the Rwanda bill would keep in the UK.

So the church might not be helping but the state isn’t doing much either.

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