The Pope Says Sorry For Gay Slur

Here’s something you don’t read everyday: Vatican‭ issues apology over Pope Francis’s ‘homophobic’ slur‬.

It was also thought he referred to trans women as men in dresses, but he was actually talking about his bishops.

The statement says pontiff apologises ‘to those who felt offended by the term‬ ‭reported by others’. It’s a classic non-apology there. I’m sorry for those who felt offended – not sorry for offending, and “the term reported by others” means they’re not admitting his said it.

We’re sorry you felt offended by the thing you think we said.‬

Pope‭ Francis was talking admitting gay men into seminaries. And he may have pronounced it as “semenaries”. But probably not.

He said there was already‭ too much “frociaggine” in some seminaries. In English it means “a ball or roll of seasoned chopped liver, baked or fried.” I may have looked at the wrong definition when Googling that.

Still, it’s rare to get a papal apology, especially when he’s meant to be infallible. I suppose that’s why the apology was so bad, he can’t admit being fallible without having to quit.

‭Soon after becoming pope, he famously said in response to a question about gay‬ ‭priests: ‬”Who am I to judge?” The Pope! And one who knows some slang terms about it.

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