There's Still Bad Blood: Infected Blood Scandal

Infected blood victims could get compensation payments of over £2.5m. Yeah, but you know what they can’t get? Rid of the diseases they have, so, y’know, perspective.

This was announced a day after a damning report found the NHS and government culpable for the tragedy.

It’s not just that they were “culpable”. In Monday’s report, it was pointed out that successive governments ignored warnings about the risks of contamination, engaged in a “cover-up” and resisted for decades holding a public inquiry or paying compensation.

They were running out the clock. If you’re guilty of shortening someone’s life and you drag your heels on doing anything about it, you are clearly hoping they’d all die off. That’s the bigger crime.

The impressive thing here is that we finally had a report with ITV1 having to do a drama about it. There’s hope for this nation yet.

Payments of £210,000 would be made to infected people who have already received interim payments of £100,000, within 90 days “so that they can reach those who need it so urgently most”.

There was a story in the paper of a man who was given contaminated blood, he passed HIV to his pregnant with and he, his wife and his daughter were all dead within a few years. So how does £300k look now?

But, I suppose, the flip side is, imagine how gutted you must be if you have Hep C and you caught it the old fashioned way. No money for you.

This will cost the exchequer £10bn. But they could be repaid by chasing erroneous COVID lockdown payments and… no, they’re still not doing that.

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