The “China” Hack

It looks like there was a three-week hacking operation ‘by China’, which exposed the details of 270,000 armed forces personnel. Oops.

Apparently it’s unclear whether Intelligence Corps members among those whose details have been taken in massive hacking operation. Let’s hope they’re not because that’s embarrassing. People working in intelligence should be more uncrackable. Let’s hope it’s not a case of passwords being set to “password”. They’re in intelligence. Surely they can manage “Password1!”.

I suppose there’s one saving grace, we were hacked by a country that looks like it’s good at IT. They make most of the kit we have. I have a Huawei rooter at home, so there’s a non-zero chance the hack started from my house.

One thing we know is that the Special Forces have not been caught up in the breach, as they use a different, more secure system. Quick question. Why don’t we use that one for everyone? I suppose it wouldn’t make those forces feel special and that’s a bit part of their deal.

The missing information includes identities and bank details and in a few thousand cases, addresses and national insurance numbers. Experts think they’d use this to find people who’d be willing to do their bidding for money. You don’t need to find the poor ones. Just find the ones who drive. With the cost of petrol, I’d turn mole to cover my fuel bills.

Meanwhile, the defence secretary, Grant Shapps, briefed the Commons but he didn’t blame the Chinese state as being culpable. That makes sense. If every there was an MP who China had some compromising online info about, it’s Grant Chapps. Even we know that he’s used several online fake names to set up schemes and we’re on his side.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said, “I do want to reassure people that the Ministry of Defence has already taken the action of removing the network offline and making sure that people affected are supported in the right way.”

So, we’ve turned off the router? That’s our high-tech solution to being hacked? We pulled the cable out the back and hoped it would go away. That’s one above turning it off and on again.

Feel safe now?

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