Oh No! A Super-Majority!

There’s a new line we’ll hear in the election. The threat of the super-majority.

The front pages have raised the spectre of a Labour ‘super-majority’ and how that could be dangerous. It was mentioned by the Defence Secretary Grant Shapps in an interview. It’s quite a defensive position but that is his job.

It comes across like he’s given up. He changed the messaging from “vote for a Tory win” to “Oh, please don’t let us lose too badly. Come on, guys. This is going to be embarrassing. We’ve all had our fun but please make us come second.”

We all love an under-dog and somehow the party with an 80 seat majority have become that.

Grant said we need a “proper system of accountability... we would argue that you don’t want to have somebody receive a super-majority.”

They didn’t mention that in 2019 when it looked like they were going to do well. There was never a “vote Tory but let’s not get carried away” poster.

Normally you try to sound positive when fighting a general election. Basically asking the electorate to please let you end up in opposition isn’t a good move but to be fair, most moves they have made in this election campaign haven’t helped either.

Mr Shapps also insisted that there was still “everything to fight for” and the “polls have been wrong before”.

But that would not only need Keir Starmer to start gaffing, he’d have to gaff at a faster rate that Rishi is gaffing to catch up and overtake.

So you’re right, still a chance.

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