Fox Found In Donkey Meat

Remember the good old days when we were worried about horse meat in our burgers. We were shocked that horse DNA was found in some ready meals. I don't know why we assumed that meant it was the meat from a horse. The DNA is found in other bits too. Maybe we all upset the horses and they were doing in our burgers what upset waiters do in our main courses.

Time gives perspective and a year on we think, "You know what, it was close. A cow and a horse aren't that different. They live in a field, have four legs, eat grass... yeah, close enough." Especially when you think about what happened in China.

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, has recalled donkey meat sold at some outlets in China after tests showed the product contained the DNA of other animals including fox.

OMG they have been selling donkey meat that includes fox. But also, OMG, they have been selling donkey meat that includes donkey. Why would you eat donkey? What dish is crying out for it? Who has ever tasted something and said, "You know what this needs? A little ass." Actually, don't answer that.

The fact that I find the idea of eating a donkey odd is mainly down to the nation I live in, and as a smaller affect, the rides I had on Skegness beach. We all freaked out about horse back in 2013 but just across the English channel is a nation that doesn't mind eating horse. Cows are sacred in Hinduism but in America they worship at the church with the golden arches. The line between what is gross to eat and what is a tasty meal is arbitrary. Some people don't like the idea of eating another mammal but give them a prawn with a brown line running up its body that's actually the shit it never got round to pooping and they'll stick it in a dip and tuck in.

The line moves too. If you were hungry enough, or desperate enough to relaunch your media career on ITV1, you'd eat any weird animal in the jungle. I always wondered why certain celebs are willing to film sex tapes to get in the news, but when you look at the alternative it makes sense.

So there we have it, different countries are freaked out by different meats. We didn't want horse in our beef and the Chinese don't want fox in their donkey, right? Well, one consumer took to the Chinese version of Twitter to say: "Isn't fox meat more expensive than donkey meat anyway?"

OMG they have been selling fox meat that includes fox.

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