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I've never got tattoos. I can't understand how you can be so sure that what you think looks good now you will still like in 10 years. If I think back 10 years I made some bad fashion choices. I'm so pleased I don't have to still wear my "I ♥ Blazin' Squad" t-shirt.

Some tattoos don't take a decade to regret. A 19-year-old called Millie is in the news because she wanted to copy Tulisa's famous "Female Boss" tattoo on her arm. I'm not sure how true Tulisa's tattoo was because she still managed to get sacked from The X factor, but that's by the by.

The trouble was, Millie went to a tattoo artist who admitted he was dyslexic and even though Millie wrote down the spelling for him she still ended up with a tattoo that read, "Feamale Boss".

What a nightmare. Now she looks like a female boss who can't get the staff. There's no skin Tippex, that's permanent. She's now had a large quill design tattooed over it but that takes up most of her forearm. What she should've done is go back to get a red squiggly line tattooed under Feamale to make it look like a spelling error in Microsoft Word.

Millie said: 'My friend said to me, "are you sure female has an 'a' in it?' and I said yes, because it has. I thought she meant second "a" but she didn't.'

So you thought your friend was asking if it should be spelled, "Femle Boss"? Low opinion of your friends there.

Millie added, 'Basically, it's my own fault, isn't it.'

Aw, bless. You have to feel sorry for her. She goes to get a tattoo in good faith and ends up with a spelling error on her arm. I think we should all get a tattoo with an extra letter in it to make poor Millie feel better about herself. We should work together to cheer her up, because after all, there's no I in team. Unless you go to that tattooist.

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