Man Shares Own Wanted Poster On Facebook

Hang on, no, not that Wanted Poster
Today's knobhead award (and have you noticed how you can always find at least one every day) goes to Anthony James Lescowitch Jr - the American man who shared his own wanted picture on Facebook, and was promptly arrested 45 minutes later.

I'm sorry, but what a fool. He should have at least waited till someone offered a reward before catching himself, at least that way he'd get some money.

The police set up a sting operation to catch him where one officer posed as an attractive woman online (don't judge him, we've all done it) and struck up a conversation with Lescowitch. They arranged to "meet for a cigarette" and when Anthony turned up he was arrested. I still hope he got that cigarette, because where he's going that's the only currency.

Police in Pennsylvania had been looking for him for three months in connection with an assault on a man in July, and had put a picture of him online. He re-posted the picture just three minutes after the police, adding the comment: "Lol i f***ing love it, A**HOLE." Police spotted this straight away and caught him.

So, what's the moral of the story? Something about hubris and how pride comes before a fall? Nah. I think the moral is, if you post pictures of yourself online and meet up with attractive women there's a chance you could end up in handcuffs. So it's not all bad news out there.

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