Jesus Found in Japanese Cake

Sometimes the world seems very fragmented; there are cultures that don't mix and that separation is holding humanity back. That's why it is good to see something bring us together. The face of Jesus has been found in a Japanese green tea roll.

Previously his face has been seen in wood, toast and potatoes but they've all been in Catholic countries, so pretty much preaching to the choir. But it was in a roll from a Komeda coffee outlet in the mostly Buddhist and Shinto Japan where he's now popped up. That's step one in recruiting. It's good to mix things up a little and appear in the foods of other cultures. It's like when the pope makes some comment about the Israel and Palestine, you think, "This isn't really your department but it's nice to know you care."

Jesus appearing to followers of Buddhism and Shintoism is a bold move, but if he wants to get in the news he has to pop up in some chip butty in the Islamic State. He's probably not willing to upset anyone that much, because after all, he's not Jeremy Clarkson.

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