What's The Latest Political Hypocrisy

Political hypocrisy is hardly something new. They speak of family values while heading off to be spanked in a Mayfair club by some leather-clad sort. They're the ones spending the tax we pay because we can't claim some things as expenses, meanwhile they claim a duck house as their second residence or something, but this latest news takes the biscuit.

Nearly 90 per cent of MPs exceed the government’s recommended calorie intake each week. But I guess I'd overindulge if I spent all of my time in a party. Eh, party? Because... nevermind.

They're telling us to watch what we eat while they're filling their faces. If you can't manage to live by a rule you can't expect everyone else to. For the same reason it would be great to see MPs have to spend a month of every year living off benefits, just so they can't keep in touch with the issues they're making decisions on.

The same survey also found that nearly half fail to take regular exercise and the stats break down interestingly when you look at the parties. Conservative MPs were the least active when compared to their colleagues. That can mean only one thing, the dominatrices in Mayfair really aren't working them hard enough.

Labour MPs are the most active. I was surprised by that. You'd have thought the Lib Dems might have burnt off a few calories doing all those U-turns.

Also in the study we found that the Liberal Democrats were the least stressed MPs. That's impressive, that they can remain unstressed by the pressure of knowing that after an election you could running the entire country and... oh... oh yeah... good point.

Around 20% of MPs also admitted they drink too much, but that one is harder to pick on. Famously Winston Churchill managed to fight the Second World War while drinking heavily. That also explains why the first few air raids to Germany involved the pilots shouting, "Come on then! You want some!"

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