Man Who Lives In Bin Goes Viral

I was driving to a gig in the north when I stopped at a motorway services and read in the paper that there’s a man living in a bin. It’s a filthy, dirty place to live that smells. But I had a gig there, so that’s why I was going.

Anyway, back to the story. There’s a man who lives in a bin. I had to check to make sure it wasn’t just an episode of Sesame Street that some reporter had taken seriously.

In the clip you see a man living in a public bin in Manchester, having a little smoke. That’s terrible. If you want to smoke you should go outside, you’ll make your home smell.

It turns out the clip was actually a hoax, and obviously so. Why would you live in a bin in Manchester? The houses are probably cheaper than the bins. But in London that now seems like a good idea. Recently there was a story where some small garage sold for millions in London, so soon there will be no hope of normal people living in the nation’s capital. This joker has stumbled across the solution. If we convert some of the public bins into housing there’ll be a place we non-rich can make a home. You’d have to find a way to run power into it, probably from a nearby street light, and maybe we should tell the IRA it’s not a bin any more, just in case.

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