When Barack Met Alex

In a world of disturbed politics, MRSA and computer hacks it's nice to find a news story that doesn't make you think we're all going to die by this time next week.

In America, Barack Obama – who must be so relaxed at work now, bringing in toys like the last day of school – met a six-year-old boy who wrote letter offering his home to Syrian refugee.

It's so nice that the raw thoughts of a child are to help others, before the weight of life batters that person into being selfish and scared like everyone else.

Little Alex wrote to the president saying that he'd offer his house to a refugee. It's unclear at this stage of the six-year-old owns the house or has the right to make such and offer, but it's a nice thought.

The irony is, when Barack and Alex met, only one of them was actually about to move out and let someone else move in.


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