Recap The Week - 20/11/16

Well, what a week it's been. Here is a random collection of things that happened. Or maybe they didn't. This week we heard that the phrase that defines modern news is "post-truth". That's the best euphemism for bull***t I've heard. I'm no longer lying in my CV it's post-truth, which means I'm all very modern and trendy.

Facebook has started to look into how they can filter out the news stories that are fake, giving us the biggest irony of this story, the thing that people don't do now is actually post truth.

There's a worry that fake news on social media may have caused the outcome in the US election. The Donald met with our own Nigel Farage, pictured here…

...they can't even play rock-paper-scissors correctly. The world is doomed.

On a lighter note, I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here is back on the TV. It's easy to mock them but it can't be easy, that Australian jungle is filled with annoying little critters...

And in sports news this happened...

...a lesser person would've said something about "drugs and hookers" but not me.

I was busy doing the weekly topical comedy show on BBC Kent, and you can listen back to it on the iPlayer for the next month. And you can read this week's newspaper column I do in the local papers.

And now, let's do the next week.



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