Are Tesco Elitist?

Many would say the problem in this country has been the inequality between the elite and the rest of us. We had Cameron and Osborne running this country and it took a Brexit to get rid of the elite and replace them with a woman who went to Oxford.

But you expect the top levels of this nation to be a place that discriminated against we plebs. You don't expect it from Tesco. A branch of the supermarket made state school children queue while private pupils walked straight in.

Thanks for the metaphor Tesco. It's better that those kids get used to it now.

Professor Neil Pollock - and when your working-class representative is a professor you know you're doing well - tweeted that his son and the other pupils from the state school he went to were forced to queue and only allowed into the shop in small groups.

Meanwhile the nobs from George Watson’s College were allowed straight in without queuing.

Tesco tweeted back saying the "private school normally have a lesser amount of children which is quicker and easier for the store".

Hmm, I'm not sure saying, "there are fewer of that group" is an argument against it being elitist.

"There's only a handful of people went to Oxford university so it's OK if they want to face-screw a pig."

It's a difficult story to be angry about as, in general, anything that keeps children out of a shop is a good thing. It means I can go about my shopping business without fear of hearing, "Oh my days, dat tall bloke is like well bald," but letting some in and not others is unfair.

And while I think the advantages given to the posh are the things blocking social mobility in this country, easy access to a Tesco isn't the definition of privilege. I read about this story while queuing to pay in an M&S.

I didn't think that posh people went to Tesco and that goes to show how outdated my thinking is. Post-credit crunch the rich people can't afford the lifestyle they were used to, and now going to Tesco is the closest they get to owning a horse.

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