Drivers Should Have Eye Tests

Experts are saying drivers should have eye tests every ten years.

This is one of those stories where it makes sense to most people who hear it but then most people wouldn't like it if they brought it in as a law. Most people are hypocrites. We have a strange attitude to driving, like it's a right.

I remember when I learned to drive, on the the walk from the test centre to the car the examiner said, “Can you read that car number plate?”

And I mustered every inch of strength in me not to say, “What car?!”

But it's hardly an exact test. If you are a fast walker and a slow talker by the time you answer the question you're ten feet nearer. And you could always memorise all the car number plates on your walk to the test centre. It's a bit Derren Browny, and the examiner might thinks it's weird that you mumble your way through your mind palace, “There's a pensioner on drugs... erm EE65... being very rude with that boy band... EE65 5BJ!”

You have to have a standard of vision to be able to fly and these days planes can fly on instruments. A car is all about you being able to see things and not hit them. And the plot twist is, if you hit something that you don't see, you might die too. You'd think that would be sufficient incentive to get your vision sorted.

It's not an issue of independence like we hear when we discuss the retesting of older drivers, this is a situation that can be solved with glasses. Would people rather risk their lives than wear glasses?

I say that as a man who this year had lasers burn away the front of my eyes so I didn't have to wear glasses any more.

See, I'm a hypocrite too.


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