Friday Night Promo

The SomeNews project has been running since 2011. Since then it's been a website to cover the news, an app, then came audio clips as part of the coverage.

A podcast was the next step, in its original form it ran for around three years. While that was happening the SomeNews live show was put on at a selection of comedy festivals across the UK and then it became a regular comedy night in London.

SomeNews then became a live radio show on FUBAR radio where each week we'd chat through the news stories with guest comedians.

The audio clips and podcast format was than used on BBC radio as sketches covering the days news. And the latest evolution of that has been the Friday night show where the week's news is wrapped up as we say goodbye to the week.

That show has now become a BBC podcast that you can get for free. Here's the promo that goes out on air...

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