Nutella's Changed

There has been a lot of shocking news lately. We heard that rich people aren't paying tax, the essential money used to fund parliament, which is where we keep our sleazes.

Twitter changed its limit to 280 characters which means war with North Korea just got twice as close.

In the face of all that news there is one story they got listeners to my afternoon show really angry. Nutella has changed its recipe.

Firstly, the word recipe seems a bit of a stretch. Surely it's a list of things that get mixed together. That's like me calling a bowl of Rice Krispies, UHT milk and apathy my recipe I try most nights.

For those who don't know Nutella is a chocolate and hazelnut spread. So which ingredients have changed? The powdered milk and sugar. They increased the amounts of those last items, which is surprising as I can't imagine anyone has ever tasted something and said, "Hmm, needs more powdered milk."

Some people are big Nutella fans, and if you eat a lot of Nutella it's not a shock that you're big. They may have noticed that by increasing the amounts of the two cheaper ingredients you're actually getting less of the expensive ones.

First came inflation where items got more expensive, then came shrinkflation where items got smaller for the same price so we didn't notice we were paying more. And now there's this, ingredientflation where the recipe changes to make it cheaper to make yet it sells for the same price.

You know that scene in Oliver where he asks for more gruel? If the gruel was put in an oversized box labelled new improved recipe gruel, that would be a prediction of what shopping will be like in ten years. Only Oliver was bright enough to ask for more.



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