There's A New Big Mac

I don't want to worry anyone but... we're all going to die!

OK, maybe I did want to worry you. But I am shocked by the latest news.

McDonald's is making a change to their Big Mac.

First Brexit and now this! I don't know how to keep up.

Thankfully I only really eat a Big Mac when drunk so I might not be able to notice the finer details.

It will still have the two things of beef with the “special sauce” - which is a phrase that always makes one worry. But we'll be able to get it with bacon and tomato on it.

First reaction: Wow. I didn't know it didn't have tomato on it already.

Second delayed reaction: What's it called?

I ask because it's got bacon and tomato, so it's in the BLT area. Would it be a BBT (bacon, burger, tomato) or a BBMT (bacon, Big Mac, tomato), all of which sound like only codes young people use to stop their parents finding out what rude pictures they've been sending.

Apparently they have gone with the name The Big Mac BLT.


That's more like a specialist dating website.

Whether it's selfies, dating or food I don't do it unless I'm drunk, so it's all pretty much the same to me.

Panic over.



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