Phone Over-Use

New research says we check our mobile phones 28 times a day. That means we're doing it 10,000 a year. That seems like a lot of work, I didn't think I did anything that much.

4,000 of those 10,000 checks are done without thinking. We're so addicted to our phones that we check it without realising we're checking it. I might be checking mine right now, I simply don't know.

This new research has looked at the most commonly checked apps on your phone. For most of us it's Facebook.

For Donald Trump it's probably Twitter. “Let's see who is having a go at me now. Oh, a leader of a close ally country. Sad.”

Have you noticed with Facebook, if you have a conversation about, let's say gazebos, the next time you check your Facebook on your phone it will have adverts for gazebos.

It's because the app listens to what you say even when you're phone is off and spots words that you might be interested in.

You can switch that feature off but I have left mine on. It's rare that anyone is actually listening to what I want, so why ruin it.

But it does mean when my friends leave their phones near me and nip to the loo I lean into their phone and say things like, “Pile cream. Pile cream.” Just so they get a shock when they look at their Facebook.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in tech news there's now technology that shops will get where they will use cameras to look at the faces of the people shopping, then use facial recognition and find you on Facebook, meaning they'll know your name and anything else you post about you.

It's like Minority Report.

You could take pictures of your face off your Facebook, but it's called FACEbook. The only other option is to cover your face. So I go shopping with a pair of tights over my head.

I'm due in court next Thursday.



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