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Ever since the royal engagement was announced the news has been filled with it. It's a case of the royal family doing what they have always done, providing news for the rest of us.

Before the days of Heat magazine and Larry with his entertainment news people would enjoy the gossip about the royal family. Which prince is marrying which princess. Which royal has fathered which lovechild. In the olden days that was their version of watching a reality show.

And now the royal family meets entertainment news with a celeb in her own right, Meghan Markle. This is the perfect storm of news to keep up distracted from the real issue here. We are not getting a bank holiday.

They made their announcement, he was wearing a blue suit, she was wear a white coat, which has now sold out by the way. I'm never sure why that happens. Do people think it's the coat that landed her a prince?

They spoke of their love, we saw the ring, all of the usual stuff but no mention of a day off for us. I thought that was the deal. We spend a lot of money on these royal events and the kick back is that we get a day of sitting at home moaning that there's nothing on TV other than the royal event coverage.

We have one of the fewest bank holidays of any European country but if you have a royal family who are good at jubilees and weddings it ups the average. They have broken that agreement.

We got one for Kate and Wills back in 2011, which means I was due to buy some new tea towels soon, but if we're not getting that bank holiday I'm not interested.

Hurry up Prince George. Marry young. I have some DIY that needs doing.



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