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I'm starting to enjoy the Brexit coverage. For months it was a little repetitive but now it's the best drama on TV.

This week's episode saw Theresa May try to settle the issue over the border with Ireland. It seems one idea was to effectively leave Northern Ireland in the single market and that's where the fun starts.

Ireland, who are in the EU, don't want there to be a border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The DUP, who got £1 billion to support Theresa May, refused to support her plan as they don't want a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Scotland then said, "If they can do that so can we," and they want to still be in the single market because Scotland was majority remain. They don't mind a border with England as they already have the wall.

Wales was majority leave, so they don't want a border with the rest of the UK, but they don't mind charging us to go over the bridge. They say if Northern Ireland can have something so can they or it's not fair, even though they don't want it.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan thinks that if Northern Ireland could be in the single market maybe London could too but there's no way London could have a border with England as it's in England.

Although the M25 might work as a boundary because down in Dover, which is an actual border with the EU, they worry that after Brexit there'll be massive queues of lorries causing chaos.

If there's one thing the M25 is used to it's massive queues of lorries.

All of this stems from the disagreement of people about Northern Ireland. That's the kind of issue I'm sure they'll sort that before next week's episode.



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