It's Time To Stockpile Cat Food

These tail-end days of the lockdown are annoying. We spend our time upset about where we can go maskless and how many strangers we can meet in the park of an evening. In many ways I preferred the first lockdown.

There was a thrill to the unknown. How would we cope with isolation? Did we have enough toilet roll? Why does Joe Wicks sound like that?

We stockpiled tinned foods like they were going out of fashion and most of it tasted terrible. I don’t know why anyone wants to tin peaches but the result looks like a medical experiment.

Therefore it is over a year too late to read the news story of a couple who were enjoying an “absolutely gorgeous pâté” only to find out it was cat food.

The couple, Donald and Margaret Lincoln, thought the ‘pâté’ was lovely. I’m sure the selection of flavours appealed too. Was it tuna, beef and mouse? They had it on baked bread and messaged their daughter to say how nice it was.

The daughter, Angela, who had done the shopping, didn’t remember buying any tinned pâté. They worked out what must have happened. Meanwhile the cat was probably eating a tin of peaches thinking the owners were trying to poison it.

The really strange thing is that no one noticed the cat on the packaging. Or if they did they must have thought it was cat flavoured. I’m not sure which would be worse.

Thankfully it has no ill effects and the couple are in good health, they’ve had their flee drops and in their next pâté there’ll be a worming tablet crushed.

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