Ban On Crotch-Grabbing

Just spotted this headline:

"Italian court bans crotch-grabbing"

I know, I was thinking the same. I was thinking, "How dare the courts tell you not to grab someone's crotch. What if it was a really good crotch, and you wanted to grab it, and these PC luvvies have banned it?"

But, as I read on it said, "The Italian supreme court has outlawed men from touching their genitals in public."

Ah! Grabbing your own crotch. Yeah, that's wrong!

Crotch-grabbing is an ancient superstitious habit in Italy that is believed to ward off the evil eye.

Odd, because if you start touching your meat and two veg in the UK in public that's when you get the evil eye, from anyone who walks past.

It's traditional for men to do it if passed by a hearse or when discussing serious illness or disasters.

It's also common for men to touch their genitals when thinking of Britney Spears. I guess that makes her a disaster. Fair enough.

Spare a thought for Michael Jackson. It's yet another law that stops him doing what he enjoys.


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