Winehouse Does Paris Fashion Week

Amy Winehouse has gone to Paris Fashion Week.
Amy confessed she felt like a fish out of water. She said: "Forgive my ignorance, I don't know anything about fashion," to a 600-person audience.
I bet that was an awkward pause while no one looked shocked.
She was trying to drum up trade on stage as she joked, "I'm available for bookings. If anyone wants me for a wedding or a bar mitzvah. Well maybe not a wedding. My music's a little too heartbreak. For a wedding, you need something meeker."
Yeah, but if your Jewish son is becoming a man the perfect thing is a spotty thin woman crying.
It's shocking, Amy Winehouse going to Paris Fashion Week.
The last time such a drug-taking low-life was in Paris... he filmed it and sold it on the internet.



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