Cheryl Cole's Holiday Fun

Singer Cheryl Cole is in the news today for posting a picture of herself on holiday. There's nothing like waking up in a cold dark UK, getting rained on as I walk to the car, dealing with the M25, getting into work, logging on the computer and seeing that. Yeah, she in no way made me want to punch a weather map of the UK. Thanks Chezza.

I say "singer" Cheryl Cole but she hasn't really been singing for a few years. That's like me calling myself "fair haired".

I'm not criticizing her for not doing much singing lately. Heck, there are many other singers I'd recommend taking a long sabbatical to. And if I'd made some good dosh from a few albums and a TV show I'd be taking some times off. But the only time we ever see Cheryl in the news she's on a beach in a bikini living it up on holiday. She hasn't worked for a couple of years and she's been on one long holiday since. When she gets home the pile of local newspapers behind her door will be massive.

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