Another RBS Computer Problem

There's been a cyber attack on the Royal Bank Of Scotland. Well done hackers, you have crippled the computer system that hardly works at the best of times. That's like saying, "Look! Look! I dressed Lady Gaga up in a silly outfit."

Customers were unable to access their NatWest and RBS accounts online and at some cashpoints for the second time in five days. I bank with one of those and I have to say, it wasn't a massive inconvenience. I just had to change the text I send out to "Sorry I can't pay you today, it's the bank's fault." Normally I send one saying, "Sorry I can't pay you, I'm broke." That one is saved in my templates, so it was a bit more work.

Just the other week the EU fined the Royal Bank of Scotland £324m over the Libor rigging issue. And this week they have been unable to let people have their money. They're stalling because they're out of dosh. We've all done it. I think there's only one thing for it. We have to go round and break RBS's thumbs.

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