Oh No! Poor People In Waitrose

Waitrose customers are getting upset over the store's loyalty card. Regular customers claim the supermarket's offer of free cups of tea and coffee in all its stores is attracting the wrong type of clientèle. Oooh, people who like free things, dirty.

For months, the upmarket chain has been giving complimentary hot drinks to loyalty card holders – even if they do not make a purchase. That's exactly the kind of shopping I do there. I go in, see the prices and don't make a purchase. It's like the shopping version of looking at porn - I'll never actually get anything as good as that but I like looking at it.

Old school Waitrose customers say giving out drinks is dangerous because some customers are carrying their cups of scalding hot coffee around the aisles as they shop. The health and safety argument is actually a good one. I get shocked at some of the prices, so if I had just taken a sip of coffee I'd spit-take it across the aisle into someone's face.

Penny Clayden, who says she does a weekly £100 shop at the supermarket (so just a couple of items then), said on Facebook: "Please don't turn into a 'soup kitchen' handing out free drinks."

A soup kitchen? Yeah, some of the people who turn up for their free handout will be "second homeless".

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