Do You Love All Of Me?

I don't know if this story is touching or worrying.

A truck driver in China suffered a serious crash while driving and was trapped in the vehicle. Firefighters arrived and they said they might have to cut his leg off to get him out but the driver said, "Hang on..."

So far so good. No one would say, "Yep. Deffo. Now!" At the very least we'd all say, "Are you sure you have to because I own a lot of shoes and I hate waste..."

The odd thing is the reason he made the firefighters wait. He wanted to call his wife to see if she would still love him if he only had one leg? I don't think he framed that question correctly. It's not, "Will you still love me if I only have one leg?" The real question is, "Would you rather I only had one leg or had a lorry on my foot for the rest of my life?" If they only live in a small flat that'd be a key factor.

35-year-old Kong Huang made the call and asked: "Precious one, I have just one question which you must answer truthfully. I am hurt and may have to lose a limb. My question is: 'Will you still love me with one leg?'"

His 29-year-old missus, Cheng, responded to the guilt trip by saying she would still love him. Fortunately the firefighters didn't actually have to remove his leg. They probably felt sorry for him as he'd already lost a pair when he got married. I mean, really, some men have to call home to get permission before they go for a night out but he had to do it before he could receive lifesaving treatment.

Anyway, he said: "I was doubly blessed this day. I got the love of my wife unconditionally and I have the good fortune to return to her a whole man. I am very lucky."

You didn't need to worry so much, of course your partner would still love you if you had a leg amputated. One foot is more than enough for any woman.

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