Saharan Smog Hits UK

Just when we have recovered from floods in the UK, that's when we're attacked by our own water supply, the air in the south of England is trying to kill us.

Thankfully it doesn't bother me, I try not to breathe too much anyway. But thanks to pollution from Europe and sand from the Sahara our air is dangerous. Typical. Dust particles from abroad, coming over here, doing the jobs of our particles, etc, etc.

Some news sites covered the story by asking, "Did you find red dirt on your car this morning?" They haven't seen my car or they wouldn't bother asking. Yes, there's dirt on it every morning and of all different colours. My car looks like it was decorated at the Alum Bay gift shop on the Isle of Wight. (There's a niche reference.)

The advice has been to stay indoors and avoid doing any strenuous exercise. Or as I call it, "Carry on as normal." But some people who have gone out into it tried to stay healthy by wearing those strange looking face masks to filter out the dust. If you have been wearing those and not doing the Bane from Batman voice you have wasted your time.

I've decided not to hide from it, so today I was out in the European pollution and the Saharan dust, mainly because that's the closest thing to a holiday I have had in years. It wasn't too bad. When I first left the house I thought, "Wow! The air is bad bad you can actually see it." And then I cleaned my glasses.

So don't shy from it, get out there and collect as much sand from your car as you can. Bag it up. We'll need it the next time we have floods.


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