Woman Has Horse In Her Car

To Germany, where a woman was stopped on the road because she was driving with a horse in her car. And suddenly all those cat ladies don't seem so strange.

23-year-old Kim Scholz had her 60cm miniature horse in the boot of her smart car and was driving down the motorway. I know this is missing the point a bit but I've always wondered if those smart cars are powerful enough to go on a motorway. I guess she found a new way to increase the horsepower.

She said: "I have actually been stopped several times by the police, but once they see that Sammy is properly secured in the back of the car and in fact that he seems to be quite enjoying it in there, they always let me carry on."

He enjoys it does he? Then why the long face? (I had to fit that one in. I always do on horse news stories.)

She added: "In the horse box it is not possible to properly secure him because he is so small. It is particularly practical for short journeys just to put him in the boot."

A vehicle with a little horse in the back, that reminds me of my days as a Tesco delivery driver.

The reason it's so small is that the horse is an Argentinian Falabella. They are one of the smallest breeds of horse in the world and grow to be about the size of a dog. No would would look twice at a dog in a car. Unless they were from the continent and thought that the passenger seat was the drivers seat and the dog was driving. Then they'd think that guides dogs in the UK are really well trained.

In fact these small horses are so intelligent that they have been used as an alternative to a guide dog for blind people. They're great for the owner but for anyone else stood far away it looks like their village is about to be attacked by a blind giant.

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