Living On Beer

Giving up things for Lent is a tradition. This year I gave up sugar. It's OK, I just go to a different stripper instead.

The trouble with giving up things for Lent is that they tend to be the things we enjoy (see earlier comment about strippers). But a man in Canada proves a good point, you could just give up the things you don't like.

Yes, a man in Canada has decided to give up solid food for Lent and is only living off beer. Just beer. It's a great diet. He's already lost seven days.

Chris Schryer, 33 (although soon he'll probably look 50), has sworn off solids food in favour of just having ale. It's a diet you can live off, at least I did when I was a student. Chris said: "Without being dramatic, it definitely is not fun; it’s challenging. Every meal time there’s challenge." And let me guess, that challenge is fighting the urge to get a kebab after.

But this project isn't just about getting drunk everyday, you can do that without Lent. In fact if you just want to drink and not eat go and be a rock star. Chris is doing this for what he called spiritual reasons. So there are ales and spirits in this. The wines must be feeling left out.

I think he has a great idea. Recently we heard in the news how we should all be eating 7-a-day when it comes to vegetables and doing do lowers your risk of an early death by 42%. We have a pension crisis because people are living too long. So if we all eat that veg the situation will get worse. But if this beer diet catches on we'll all peg it early and the economy will be saved.

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