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A heavily pregnant woman was discovered having sex in a hospital while waiting to give birth. Talk about getting a head start on the next job. I bet she's the kind of person who did homework on the day she was set it instead of the night before it was due.

A cleaner at St Michael's Hospital in Bristol walked in on the woman, who was a patient, and her partner getting intimate in her private room. The cleaner then went and told the managers. I don't know why, you're a cleaner – give it five minutes and I bet there'd be something that needed cleaning.

The managers told the cleaner there are no rules against couples having sex so they should be left to carry on, as long as they are not disturbing other patients.

I like that last bit. You're on a ward where people will be screaming, crying and getting drugged up. If you can have sex that disturbs people like that, bloody well done to you.

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