She Needs A Bang On The Head

I always like a news story that sounds like it comes from a TV show or film. That's why I have enjoyed the recent story of the plane that was intercepted by UK fighter jets and forced to land at Stansted. It would be an action film because of the jets. Or maybe a horror film because they had to go through Stansted.

Here's another story that would seem like a terrible cliché from the writers. A woman in Auckland had lived most of her life blind. She banged her head and could see again.

If I were her I'd spend the rest of my life wearing a crash helmet in case it's like an on-off switch.

Lisa Reid has been blind since age 11 because a tumour was pressing down on her optic nerve. She knelt down to kiss her guide dog goodnight and hit her head on the coffee table. She woke up the following morning to discover she could see again. That's great health news for her. Bad employment news for the dog. It's just been demoted from guide dog to just dog.

She said one of the "most shocking things" was to see her "brother turned into a man". I guess, if you live with your blind sister, you don't always wear pants.

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