Naked Man Drops From Airport Ceiling

Flying these days is a right pain. Thanks to the shoe bomber we have to walk through the airports without our shoes. We're all grateful the man who tried to smuggle explosives in his pants didn't succeed.

You can't take fluids onto the plane over 100ml and using those little bottles makes you feel like a giant. And some budget airlines make you pay for so many extras it wouldn't be a surprise to see a coin slot by the emergency oxygen masks.

But one thing you don't expect is what happened in an airport the other day.

A naked man crashed through an airport ceiling before violently attacking an 84-year-old. That must be terrifying. If you see a naked man fall from the sky what are you meant to think? That somewhere nearby is Susan Boyle with her eyes closed having just blown out the candles on her birthday cake?

Police have identified the man as 26-year-old Cameron Shenk (of course he's in his twenties – you don't feel like getting naked in public in your thirties, trust me) and he apparently stripped in a women's toilets before crashing through a drop ceiling. It's on most men's bucket lists.

It was in Logan International Airport in Boston and the pensioner's injuries are not believed to be life threatening. Shenk was arrested on a number of different charges including attempted murder, mayhem, assault and battery and he also assaulted a police officer.

What really upsets me about this story is that a naked man in an airport is the only person there would could get through customs with minimal stress.

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