M25 Collapses

The M25 is probably the South's most successful tourist attraction. Thousands of people spend hours on it and, thanks to the Dartford toll (don't get me stated on the Dartford toll - it makes us pay for the privilege of sitting in a queue to pay), quite a money too. But, and this may come as a surprise, not everyone enjoys their hours on London's orbital motorway. Drivers were stuck in long queues this week when part of the carriageway collapsed.

It's the bit near junction 9; fellow regular users will know it as the stretch with the lighter coloured road surface that makes a louder sound when you drive on it. It always made me think that part of my car was about to fall off. For some drivers that prediction turned out to be spot on. When the heavy rain damaged the surface the remaining hole and/or debris damaged people's tyres causing flats.

How could a road surface not be ready for rain? Have you ever heard of the UK? We have rain. We have lots of rain. We're one of the few places where global warming will make us colder. Our weather is so bad I think at some point in history we pissed off Storm from X Men.

Here's the issue. As a driver, if anything goes wrong on your car while you're driving it's all on you. If your car spins because of low tread on your tyres that's 3 points per tyre for you. If something falls off your car it was your responsibility to make sure everything is working on your car, even though we're not all trained mechanics.

So, with that in mind, why can't we fine the highways agency for what happened on the M25? I know a car needs to be roadworthy but surely it's more vital that a road is roadworthy.

THEM: "Oh, how were we to know something needed fixing?"
US: "You're in charge. You should check before you use it."
THEM: "But that would take ages."
US: "This is serious. And that's why we have to give you a fine. That's 3 points for every tyre that goes over you and £60 per car."
THEM: "Where will we find that money?"
US: "Well, about that Dartford toll..."

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