Want To Buy A Hug

I think I have found my next career. A woman called Samantha Hess has opened a "pro cuddling shop", where she hugs people for $60 and hour. That's perfect for me because I hate hugging so much I've always said you'd have to pay me to do it.

Why on Earth would someone want to go and get hugged by a stranger? And to make it worse you lose money after it. It's basically consenting to a slo-mo pickpocketing.

I realise that I might be slightly more hug averse than most, but even if you're a big fan of getting someone invading your personal space, why would you want a hug from someone who's just been hugged by loads of other people? That's worse than touching a handrail on public transport, think of all the germs.

Sam offers "the level of human contact that we want or need in order to be our optimal selves." So for me that would be $60 for an hour of waving from greater than 4 feet away.

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