Did Men Walk On Mars

A former NASA employee has spoked to the press about a secret mission to Mars that took place back in 1979. I don't know why they'd do something like that and keep it under wraps. I can only think that it was the 70s and part of the crew included a young person and a Radio 1 DJ.

The woman, who gave her name only as Jackie, so for the purposes of this article I'll call her Marc Almond, says she and some colleagues were monitoring images that were being sent back by the Viking Lander. In the images she saw people walking. On Mars!

I never understood why they sent dogs into space first and then humans who go for a walk. Send both at the same time because walking a dog is way more fun.

Anyway, she said: "I saw two men in space suits."

So either there was a mission to Mars back in the late 70s that successfully send man to the Red Planet and they managed a walk on the surface, or some office prankster at NASA got two mates walking behind her in in space suits so the reflection would show up on her screen. Either way, well done.

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