Liquid Christmas Lunch

Christmas. It's all about the food. We eat and then eat, and in between all the eating we like to nibble on something so we still have our energy for when the next eating comes round.

That's why the original BandAir worked so well, the contrast between their starving and our gluttony. But BandAir30 was about ebola and people having really bad diarrhoea is pretty much what we all feel like on Boxing Day.

Apparently we're likely to have as many calories on Christmas Day as you'd find in 12 Big Macs. I'm not sure which would be the more fun to eat but now I've asked that question on this site it means doing the experiment is tax deductible.

The only downside with all that Christmas eating is the effort you have to go to chewing it. If you're not careful you might burn off some of those calories with all that chewing. Thankfully someone has come up with a solution.

Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart has designed a liquid Christmas dinner all in one glass. It was originally made for jockeys but I'm sure we can have some, especially if any was put on a high shelf.

It contains carrot fluid gel and potato-infused foam. Yum. The only problem is, because it's meant for jockeys trying to keep their weight down, it only has 332kcal. You'd have to drink 21 of those to get your Christmas calorific intake. But what would be best, that, the Big Macs or the normal Christmas lunch? I'll fill in all the details in my self assessment form.

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