UK 2nd Best Nation At...

Good news, Britain is near the top of another league table. The bad news is it's the league table of fattest nations in Europe, but these days a win's a win.

Yes, Britain is now the second fattest nation in Europe with almost a quarter of the UK’s population classed as obese. When we collect our silver medal for this I hope we remember to thank all those who helped to make it possible, such as fast food companies, food advertising and of course, Scotland for not voting to leave.

The figures show that Hungary beats us in the fat league, which makes sense. When you live in a nation that even sounds like a reminder to eat you must get through a fair few meals.

NHS head Simon Stevens sure enough has said we need to "get back in shape" after the Christmas and New Year blow-out or face a crisis. Yeah, he's right. The amount of food we eat at this time of year is silly. I gain weight so quickly over Christmas I'm amazed there's not a "pop" sound.

We need to do something to lower the average weight of the people in the UK or we'll stay dangerously high in the chart of European fat nations.

Interestingly the slimmest in the chart was was Romania, where just 7.9% are obese. If Ukip hadn't scuppered the plans of those theoretical millions who were going to move over here at the start of 2014 they could have really brought down our average and saved us from having to go on a diet.

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