UK Trains Delay Shocker!

In this country we love talking about bad public transport, immigrants and the weather. On those odd occasions where the trains stop due to a snow storm caused by Siberian winds, we're cock-a-hoop.

Over the last 24 hours we got two out of three. Parts of the north were hit by snow that caused some roads to be blocked. The perfect excuse for some delays to the trains. Well, it would've been if the train delays weren't in the snow-free south.

In London, Kings Cross was closed, causing huge disruption to the trains and possibly some prostitutes. Loads of people had to find some other way to get there. And so did the people who were using the trains.

It's all because of over-running engineering works. They had Christmas Day and Boxing Day to get the work done but it wasn't finished in time. This at a time when one man in a sleigh can manage to travel to all the good boys and girls in one night. It really shows up what a piss shower these train guys are.

It meant that trains were terminating at Finsbury Park, where you had to change to the Tube, but too many people were there so they closed the station because of overcrowding. Sadly the overcrowding wasn't caused by Romanians or we'd have the trifecta.

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