Jamie Oliver's Addiction

TV chef Jamie Oliver says he's addicted to... not sleeping? Well, so am I, I do it once a day, and if I get a nap, twice a day. OMG, I've got a problem.

He says he's been averaging around three and a half hours a night which is about as much as Margaret Thatcher used to get every night, and look what she did. I don't think that was a direct link to the sleep though. I don't think she closed down the mines because she was cranky. Or maybe she was jealous that the minors got to spend ages in a dark place which would really have helped her relax.

Jamie said: "I'd sit down in the office, fall asleep, and start dribbling." That's because your tongue is too big for your face. He used to stick his tongue out so much during his TV shows I think he was Miley Cyrus's muse.

He added: "I feel like I should be admitting to being an alcoholic - people get that. But my thing is not sleeping."

Hmm, it's not exactly the same is it? If you can't sleep it messes up your life but it's not that you're addicted to being awake. Unless you've started a DVD boxset in which case it's exactly like that. You lose sleep, you keep saying, "I must stop," and yet you can't stop after each episode. And the next thing you know you find yourself turning tricks in Soho just to get some more Game of Thrones. Or maybe that was just me.

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