Drugs For Pets

A Nevada lawmaker proposed a bill in the state legislature that would grant ailing pets access to medical marijuana.

It seems silly, but there's no downside. What can drug use do to animals? If you watch Jeremy Kyle he'll have a go at cannabis users who sit round all day doing nothing with their lives (erm, you're on daytime TV Jezza, they're your target demo), but if your dog gets into drugs it's not like it'll stop your dog from holding down a career.

Getting high can chill you out and make you want to eat all the time - which is exactly what dogs are already like. You'll never tell the difference.

OK, some studies have linked marijuana use to antisocial behaviour and paranoia - which is exactly how cats are. You'll never notice the difference.

The measure, put forward by Democrat Tick Segerblom, would let owners obtain the drug for their animals if a veterinarian confirmed it "may mitigate the symptoms or effects" of a chronic or debilitating medical condition. There is a risk that some people will be using an ill pet to get their hands on drugs.

MAN: "Hey vet, you gotta help. He's as sick as a parrot."
VET: "He is a parrot."

I think it makes sense to give drugs to animals if it will help them. I'd draw the line at giving cannabis to drug sniffer dogs. That's just cruel. Sniffer dogs are trained to sit down when they smell drugs and they'd smell it on themselves. They'd just sit there doing nothing. They'd end up being a Jeremy Kyle viewer.


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