The Real Jihadi John Please Stand Up

It's been quite a week in the 'Jihadi John' story. We now know his true identity. And yet we still don't know who The Stig is. So it's 1-nil in the Top Gear vs ISIS battle. One is a surprisingly successful phenomenon that causes trouble on racial and religious grounds, and the other is ISIS.

The terrorist was revealed to be Mohammed Emwazi. As soon as his real name was published it dawned on us how much of a long shot it was that he was called 'John'. I know it's a popular name but statistically we should have guessed he was called Mohammed. No one dare say it though. If you suggested calling him 'Jihadi Mohammed' everyone would've said you were racist.

The newspapers have taken one of two angles on this. The Sun told the story of JJ's drug binges. I'm not sure we needed the character assassination, we already don't like the guy. I'm not sure anyone would be thinking, "I didn't mind all the terrorism and the beheadings but now I know he's taken drugs I've gone right off him." Call me Mr Scorched Earth but once you've chopped someone's head off I've made up my mind about you.

Even stranger is the other theme in the coverage, the angle that he was driven to it by the harassment by MI5. They focussed on him, thinking he may be linked to terror. Way to prove them wrong J-dawg.

According to the Metro his paranoia was started when he sold his laptop. He became convinced that the person who bought it was a spy. The reason he thought he was being spied on was that the person who bought his laptop knew his first name even though he had never told the purchaser it. That's the first name Mohammed. He wasn't a spy, he was just being racist. If he was being politically correct he'd have guessed your name was John.

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